In praise of scrumy

Posted: January 22, 2009

For the last month we've been using a new web based task board called scrumy. So far my opinion is that it's the best solution I've seen for managing distributed agile dev teams.

Here's a quick rundown of how the tool works:

  • You add stories to rows
  • You add tasks in columns
  • Tasks are color coded based on the person they're assigned to
  • You move tasks through the workflow as they're completed (to do, in progress, verify, done)

The paid version is incredibly cheap ($7/month per board. no per user fees). It add these features:

  • Archiving of past sprints. When the sprint ends, the state of the board for that sprint is frozen. You can view it but you can't modify the tasks/stories on the board.
  • Backlog. You can add stories to a backlog and drag/drop them onto sprints during planning
  • Burndown chart. I haven't used this much, but it will parse time estimates from the tasks and sum them

I've corresponded with the developers a few times about some minor issues, and their responsiveness was excellent. I also suggest you watch their You Tube video. It's pretty funny.